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Ceramics are Eco-friendly

How are ceramics eco-friendly...

Ceramics are made from most commonly found raw material- earthen clay.Its natural origin makes it totally recyclable and when they eventually breakdown they meld into the soil and pose no harm to the environment .Production of ceramics does not include any melting or burning , so no toxic or harmful gases are released. Mostly the factories or workshops for ceramic are closer to the raw material ,in a sense reduces pollution during supply.The process of manufacturing is quite efficient  which reduces the consumption of energy,water and raw materials and increase the re-use of resources.The high resistance and durability  makes it a sustainable material. Ceramics is environmentally friendly on many levels – it’s made from natural materials, incorporates hand-building and traditional craftsmanship that requires time and patience, and it’s long-lasting.

Your one purchase of ceramic not just helps Indian artisans but also encourages to switch to sustainable products.